Shakira Big Moment: A Giant Bronze Statue!

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Shakira, the awesome Colombian singer, got this amazing 21-foot-tall bronze statue in her hometown, Barranquilla! It’s so big, and it’s all about her incredible moves and music. Imagine a statue showing her rocking that famous Hips Don’t Lie dance from back in 2005. Cool, right?

Feeling All the Feels on Instagram

Shakira was really touched by this huge honor. She shared pics on Instagram, showing her parents standing next to the giant statue. She said, “I’m super happy to celebrate this with my parents, especially my mom on her birthday. It’s almost too much for my little heart.” The pics captured her in a bikini top and flowing skirt, doing her iconic hip-shaking thing.

What the Shakira Statue Stands For

The dedication on the Shakira statue is pretty awesome. It talks about Shakira’s heart for composing, hips that never lie, her unmatched talent, a voice that moves crowds, and her feet that march for the good of kids and humanity. Basically, it’s saying she’s a superhero in the world of music and doing good for others.

Celebrating, Even with the Tough Stuff

Shakira big moment came after some tough times. She went through a breakup with Gerard Piqué after 11 years, and her dad was in the hospital twice last year. Plus, there was this money thing with Spanish authorities. They hit her with a massive fine of £6.4 million plus a £15 million tax bill. Ouch!

Taking a Stand Against Unfairness

Shakira wasn’t cool with how she was being treated. She spoke out, saying Spanish authorities were targeting “high-profile individuals.” Even though she said she was innocent, she decided to pay the £6.4 million fine to avoid going to jail and end the whole mess. She wanted to focus on her kids and her music instead.

Dealing with Money Troubles

The settlement meant Shakira paid back the £15 million tax bill with interest. On top of that, there was a £378,000 fine (that’s €432,000) to stay out of jail. Shakira’s reps released a statement, talking about how she’s all about doing what’s right. She admires people who fight against unfair stuff, but for her, it was about moving on for her kids and her career.

Courtroom Drama Explained

Okay, so the legal fight was about where Shakira lived and paid taxes from 2012 to 2014. She should have paid taxes in Spain, according to Spanish authorities, since she spent over half of that time there. However, Shakira’s camp maintained that the singer was a globetrotter who performed on American television and toured the globe. They claimed that her permanent move to Spain did not occur until 2015.

Shakira’s Power Move

Through all this drama, Shakira stuck to her guns, saying she paid everything she owed way before they started the lawsuit. Even though the case was intense, she wanted to win back time for her kids and her career. By stating her innocence and letting the legal system decide, she declined a deal in July 2022.

The Monument of Victory

Now, amidst all these ups and downs, Shakira’s got this giant bronze statue telling the world about her strength and impact. It’s not just a statue; it’s a symbol of her facing challenges like a superhero. As she keeps grooving through life, her big tribute in Barranquilla screams, “Shakira rocks!”

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